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x3 (Nodame Cantabile, Natsume Yuujinchou)

rest are HERE

x3 (Romeo x Juliet)

rest are HERE


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naruto/jiraiya ♥
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here @ 7dolma 

3 Anime Wallpapers
[1] Fullmetal Alchemist Wallpaper
[1] Soul Eater Wallpaper (preview below)
[1] D.Gray-Man Wallpaper


Get the rest heremmmissymunchkin 

that hat, amaaaazing
So, this is probably an odd request, but I'm looking for a wallpaper I found at least four years ago.  I found it initally on or a similar site under misc, and I have the odd feeling it was not from an anime or I don't know which anime it was from, just anime-styled.  It's a girl with headphones on the right side, larger anime eyes but more realistic-looking otherwise, and some quote about being free in small print on the upper lefthand side, all in green tones.  I think the girl was actually somebody's original artwork.

I'm thinking of getting a tattoo of that image, if I can, but I haven't had any luck finding the original.  This sound familiar to anybody?  Point me in the right direction and I'll love you forever.

wallpaper of ace
au smexy eye candy :)
in regards of One Piece Ch574 *spoilers*Collapse )

Disclaimer: One Piece is Oda's.

wallpaper: D. Brothers!
blue no yume
this is from ch 572! i just can't help to make it! ace and luffy issh da loooove! :D

click for da lovely D. brothersCollapse )

thank you for viewing. oh, check the gallery too! [here]

Ahoy there! Calling all Artists!
take a leap of faith (into the light)
Hello! Hello everyone! I'm new to the community. I've been lurking around here for a while now and so far, the amount of wallpapers and other forms of art here have been a pleasure to watch. I've been collecting wallpapers for the anime Naruto for a long time now - for five years actually, because I just love having something aesthetically pretty to gaze at in my computer screen. Anyway, I have a favour to ask from anyone -preferably experienced and with sufficient knowledge of Naruto - willing to help:

I've recently taken to making a SasuSaku FST (fansoundtrack) and I already have all the the songs that apply to SasuSaku, in one way or another, stored safe and sound in a file hosting community called Megaupload. The only obstacle that prevents me from posting the links to all the songs is that I do not have the means to create an SasuSaku album cover.

For more details, follow the link:

Potential Album Covers for SasuSaku fansoundtrack: Under the Same Sky.

Yes, after much deliberation on my part, I've named the album "Under the Same Sky" after the recent SasuSaku manifesto by erendhyl because while the songs show glimpses of unforgettable SasuSaku moments, the manifesto shows it all.

The point is:

You can find more information about the manifesto over at my journal along with information pertinent to the FST. I'm calling for help here - if you're adept with image editing programs like Photoshop or if you have a penchant for editing wallpapers, then I'm humbly asking for your assistance. Please follow the link and see if the images there are to your liking - and if you would like to do anything with them. Full credit will be given to you for the cover art.

Signing off with hope,

2 TeniPuri wallpapers
CL - clap!

More resolutions @ amedama_dream

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Ignition and I have been posting a TON of free wallpapers for Muramasa fans. We'll try to keep updating this and continue support for as long as we can. :) Please let us know what you think. Suggestions are more than welcome!

strong world :)
au smexy eye candy :)
for the STRONG WORLDCollapse )


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