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Anime Wallpapers Forum
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anime, photomanipulation and wallpaper creation
Welcome to the Live Journal Anime Wallpaper Forum! Now there's a place where you can flex your artistic muscle and proudly display your works!

A few simple rules need to be followed to keep the community healthy and happy:

  • *as of 8/18/08* Spammers (people that blatantly advertise their websites and offlink to like sites) are not welcome. Slowly but surely I'm cleaning up the forum and thank those who have worked to maintain the basic standards of the community during my leave.

  • Be nice. This is not the place to flame or troll others for their opinions. It's an art community.
  • You CAN post hentai, but I will be strict in enforcing lj-cuts on potentially offensive material, or material not suited for a general audience. Please, don't make me delete your posts or remove this option in the future if it's abused. X|

    I won't drag you into it, but it's okay to announce your arrival, who you are, and why you've decided to join us! We welcome you here, and hope to hear about your latest wallpaper accomplishments :)

    If you have any questions or comments about this community don't be afraid to let me know at mystik_aurora, k?

    So, all the fine print out of the way- Happy posting!
    animepicsource great place to go and get/request hi-res images :3

    Moderator Quick Bio:

    Hi! I'm mystik_aurora. I love anime, manga, art and making my own wallpapers via Adobe Photoshop. Making these forums where people can come together is my way of giving back to the anime community. I also run pencil_board, another forum dedicated to the collection of visual media, like cards, animation cells, basically the stuff that we tend to scan when making our wallpapers ^_~.
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